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X-Series Sweep™

MARCH 2012 - GSI Group, the world's leading manufacturer of grain-storage and "handling systems, introduced the new patent-pending, zero-entry X-Series™ commercial bin sweep.

This innovative new product made its first appearance at GEAPS Exchange 2012, and will revolutionize the commercial grain unload market.

Greg Trame, Engineering Manager of Storage, said, "The X-Series Sweep positive drive, coupled with the industry leading control system, ensures that the sweep will operate in the toughest conditions without requiring any personnel to enter the bin."

The new X-Series™ sweep features a maximum capacity of up to 10,000 bph, a positive drive system, and a ground-breaking, touch screen Human Machine Interface (HMI) that allows the operator to monitor sweep position, unload rate, estimated time remaining, and estimated bushel capacity. The set-up feature of the control allows system customization of the bin diameter, material stored, and full- or half-intermediate sump locations. The X-Series™ positive drive system utilizes a Class II Explosion Proof Motor and a Variable Frequency Drive. A Helical Gear Reducer, that is factory-filled with Food Grade lubricant, guides a solid steel drive sprocket along a laser-cut, curved track that is mounted to the concrete floor of the bin, thus eliminating drive slippage. The sweep auger will remain engaged even during avalanche situations where the drive motor reverses direction to re-engage the pile. Additional safety switches are easily added to the X-Series control to prevent employees from entering the bin during the operation of the sweep. The new Press-Broke Back-Shield integrates a clean sweep brush at the bottom of the back shield. After the bin has been completely swept, the X-Series Control can be set to "Clean-Out" mode increasing the travel speed of the sweep by 240%. This functionality, the direct drive and the X-Series control will drastically reduce the need to continuously monitor the sweeps operation, making it the safest and most productive sweep on the market.

DMC Transfer™ Inline Air Valve

DECEMBER 2011 - GSI is proud to introduce our new DMC Transfer™ Inline Air Valve.

The patent-pending Inline Air Valve allows the connection of multiple bins in a series rather than running individual tubes to each bin. The Air Valve also reduces ground clutter and allows the ability to switch bins without shutting down the Air Transfer™ System.

All key components are made of stainless steel and aluminum for superior corrosion resistance. Powdercoated over galvanized finish for durability against the elements. Optional transition hopper gives the flexibility to load a bin with transport auger.

Electronic Distributor

OCTOBER 2011 - The GSI electronic distributor is the most advanced and user friendly distributor controller on the market. With an industry leading touch screen display, moving spout locations is made easy. With a 6" color screen, one can visually determine the spout position with just a glance. The controller is powered by a PLC with the ability to easily customize text and lock out specific spout numbers. The system uses cutting edge electronic components and an efficient and compact drive configuration that assures high reliability in even the toughest conditions.

When using the GSI electronic distributor controller, one can easily integrate the PLC control into a larger grain network. A user can control the desired spout position from another PLC while the GSI system is responsible for moving and reporting the spout position. There are multiple protocol options for integrating an external controller, including Ethernet and serial.

These features provide the end user with a reliable and easy-to-operate unit for any GSI brand distributor, new or existing.

Portable Dryer Moisture Sampler Update

MARCH 2011 - GSI recently updated the moisture sampling system, which improves the way our portable dryers sample grain exiting the discharge.

The new patent pending system continues to use the proven DMC Calc-U-Dri sensor while relocating the sensor auger to a horizontal position. This allows for a straight drive from the unload auger shaft to the sensor auger, reducing wear and tear on the drive and auger components. The auger housing has been changed to a round tube which eliminates any required cleaning.

The key design change is a paddle system on the discharge flight that brings the cleaner, middle portion of the grain flow from the auger, and up into the sensor chamber while reducing the introduction of fines, debris and foreign material into the sensing chamber. The result is better grain flow, regardless of dryer size, flow volume through the auger, or type and condition of grain. The redesign also moves the position of where the grain is entering into the sensor chamber to a higher location. This allows enough vertical space to locate the moisture sensor and transfer the grain sample through a horizontal sampling auger into the bottom corner of the dryer discharge box. This makes the design more compact and raises the low point of the sensor auger resulting in a dryer that can be shipped with the sensor system completely installed.

Retrofit kits will be available for dryers. These will be shipped standard on all 2011 new dryers.

Carry-In Sweep Control Panel

MARCH 2011 - GSI now offers a commercial carry-in bin sweep with control panel. To continue with our safety first campaign this new option allows you a low cost zero entry solution.

Control panels are available for use with GSI’s line of 10”-12” and 12”-14” Commercial Bin Sweeps utilizing the tractor option.

Panels are only available for 230V and 460V 3 phase sweeps.

Panel is designed to control the sweep in a similar fashion to the Series II sweep. Customer can choose between manual and automatic control. The automatic mode controls the advance of the sweep tractor based on the amperage draw of the auger motor.

Panel is designed to be portable, and can be moved between sweeps that have the same motors without re-programming. Quick disconnect plugs are incorporated into the design for incoming power and power to both the auger motor and sweep tractor.

Transfer Is Certifiably Better

MARCH 2011 - DMC has upgraded the electrical control panel design for all Air Transfer systems. Customers will benefit from a more user-friendly panel and still be able to experience the same functionality and interface with grain dryers as before.

Some key improvements are:

The mounting brackets for the panel will remain the same, but at a slightly larger width.